Video: Monster Brown Trout on the White River in Arkansas

This past February, we visited the White River to fish with well accomplished Steve Dally and his crew. Dally’s outfit is well known for their ability to tease up big browns, and this trip was no exception. The shop ( has everything you’ll need to be successful on the river and the guides, like many outfitters, come with all kinds of specialties. For example, we had guides who had specific techniques for sink lines and others that due to conditions wanted to nymph streamers under an indicator. Honestly, the variety and expertise were welcome. It is always fantastic walking away, feeling like you got a lesson when paying for a guide.

Here is a video highlighting the wet and wild experience we had during our quick three days on the river.

Arkansas's White River is gaining popularity with anglers around the globe and for a good reason. Steve Dally has drawn a significant amount of recent attention as his passion for targeting big trout with streamers is producing hookups with absolute monster trout.