The Journey Led Me to Fly Fishing

The Journey Led Me to Fly Fishing

by Colby Suojanen, Dupe a Fish Ambassador

Fly fishing has become a massive part of my growth as a fisherman. From the different types of casts to the line varieties. The different sizes of leaders and tippet to the hundreds and hundreds of flies. Flies to buy and flies to tie. My first few were store-bought, but that wasn’t good enough. I needed more. That drove me to tying.

Tying your own flies opens your mind and helps you become an even better fisherman. It forces you to study fish habits. Swimming habits, feeding habits, when is the spawn, when do mayflies hatch, when is the top water bite heating up. All of these things plus so many more are how you grow into a better angler.

You must become one with the fish. Study them. Follow them. Watch them. Become them. Enjoy the pure beauty of that species in its natural habitat before you try to undertake the species. Pick a species, study it, gather the gear, tackle it. One step at a time. Learn everything you can before moving on. Become the best that you can be. 

What does the term angler mean to you?


The Journey Led me to Fly Fishing

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