Pink M.D.

Fish fever is the diagnosis and the “Pink M.D.” is prescribing a new fun pattern for your summer outings. Get your arm in a cast, participate in some water therapy and get yourself healthy.

PMDs and PEDs are some of the more prevailing hatches of the west and offer fantastic fishing throughout most of the summer. My only issue with standard dry fly PMDs is durability. Most traditional dry fly patterns for PMDs are absolutely shredded after a few fish. Secondly, they tend to soak up water, etc. and lose their floating characteristics after a few fish. The Pink M.D. has addressed these two areas for me and is relatively quick to tie.

I’ve found this pattern to be quite versatile too. I use it in still water and on moving water. This last summer I saw some of the slowest rising takes on still water. I also had tremendous success on the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho with this pattern. The South Fork is well known for its prolific PMD hatches.


  1. Moonlit ML052 #18

  2. Start by tying in your hotspot then whip and cut - Fire Orange Danville Flat Waxed Thread

  3. Next add a base Wapsi Ultra Thread 140 - Pale Yellow

  4. Now cut and tie in a thin piece of 1mm foam that is about 2mm in width and 2 inches long - start the tie in point at the top of your hotspot and work your thread up to just before the eye (I get the foam from Michael’s craft store)

  5. You can cut the tail end of your foam just above the bend and trim the corners to a point

  6. Work your thread back to the tie in point of the foam and create a dubbing noodle of PMD yellow dry fly dubbing. Make it thin and tight then wrap forward to just before the eye

  7. Take a few wraps back to about the 1/3 mark then fold back the foam and tie it off with two wraps

  8. Next tie in two pieces of CDC in dun color with the tips extending to the bend of the hook

  9. Now create another short dubbing noodle and wrap over the foam up towards the eye without crowding too much

  10. Tie in MFC Centipede Legs Speckled Grey size small legs then whip finish right there with a tad of dubbing.

  11. Trim foam wing tight to the tie off

  12. Trim the legs


  • Try other colors of foam

  • Want to go smaller? Then don’t use dubbing and instead go with straight thread

  • Want a more visible fly? Try different colors of CDC: Orange and Pink for high visibility and black for glare situations


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The “Pink M.D.’s” hotspot really comes to life with a bit of UV light.

Pink M.D. by Christian Bacasa

This late season cutthroat was one of many that the Pink M.D. prescribed.

This late season cutthroat was one of many that the Pink M.D. prescribed.