Fuzzy Navel Fly

The Fuzzy Navel fly pattern by Christian Bacasa

The Fuzzy Navel fly pattern by Christian Bacasa

I’ve found this to be one of those patterns that you can prospect with all summer long. Originally tied in orange to target fish feeding on cicadas, I named it the “Fuzzy Navel.”

The pattern is quite easy to tie and can be fished in numerous types of water. One of my favorites is fishing mountain streams for cutthroat.

Whip a few up and have a great day on the water!


  1. Daiichi 1160 Klinkhammer #12

  2. Start with a base Wapsi Ultra Thread 140 - Purple

  3. Tie in a tail of about 5-8 strands fo Hareline’s Sparkle Organza in color Dun

  4. Tie in one piece of tinsel - Here I use HGT-091 Purple

  5. Tie in two longer dark dun CDC feather by the tip on the shank just above the hook point and secure them down to the tail

  6. Wrap the CDC up the shank to the 1/3 mark just forward of where the hook point aligns on the shank and tie off

  7. Wrap tinsel up the shank and tie off

  8. Tie in your poly yarn wing - the wing should terminate just past the bend of the hook

  9. Tie in 4 strands of flash slightly longer than the wing

  10. Create a dubbing loop and use a Petitjean clip to create a CDC dubbing loop with dark dun CDC

  11. Wrap the dubbing loop up towards the eye of the hook leaving a 2mm space remaining before the eye

  12. Now take the dubbing loop and pull all the CDC to the sides

  13. Cut a piece of 2mm foam into a strip approximately 1/4 in wide

  14. Poke a hole in the foam with your bodkin tool and push the foam over your hook eye

  15. Two soft wraps around the foam and cinch tight then two more wraps

  16. Tie in the legs then whip finish right at the foam.

  17. Trim foam - close to the thread on the bottom, so you are not blocking hook sets and leave a bit of a wing on top

  18. Reattach the thread at the eye and build a thread dam for the foam - whip and cut

  19. Apply head cement to the head and at the foam tie-off point


  • Try different colors as mentioned above I started with orange. I’ve had luck with the following colors: Yellow, Tan, Mint Green, Orange, Red

  • Vary the colors of your CDC. An all tan bug with gold tinsels is pretty deadly

  • If you are having trouble with the foam, then make a more bulbous dubbing ball of CDC to lay under it - this will help you lock in the foam

  • Hotspots, shock or dun tails

  • Having trouble with seeing your bug in glare then try a black poly wing


A nice female cutthroat taken with the Fuzzy Navel on a high mountain stream in northern Utah.

A nice female cutthroat taken with the Fuzzy Navel on a high mountain stream in northern Utah.

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