Poly Pro Yarn Grub

Want to get deep fast with a realistic bug that is good just about anywhere you go? Give this grub pattern a go. It has been a productive pattern for me over the last two years.

Poly Pro Yarn Grub for Euro Nymphing Techniques

Poly Pro Yarn Grub for Euro Nymphing Techniques


  1. Gamakatsu C12U #8

  2. Start with a base 6/0 thread

  3. 12 wraps of .035 Lead

  4. Tie in length of white poly yarn

  5. Tie in tinsel color of choice (Tip: Tinsel color will bleed through when resin is added)

  6. Wrap tinsel up the shank and tie off

  7. Twist poly yarn then wrap poly yarn up shank and tie off

  8. Create a small temporary head and cut thread

  9. Apply Loon Thin UV Resin to body and cure (Tip: Try to stay away from the eye)

  10. Apply Loon Clear Fly Finish to body and cure (Tip: Try to stay away from the eye)

  11. Tie in the finishing color thread of choice. (Tip: I prefer Veevus 140 thread because you can spin it to lay flat)

  12. Touch dub 50:50 Shrimp and Peacock Black UV dubbing (a small amount is needed)

  13. Create final head , whip and cut

  14. Apply head cement


  • Try different colors of Poly Pro Yarn (Yellow, Tan)

  • Try different colors of yarn instead of Poly Yarn

  • Don’t add the dubbing

  • Add a Tungsten Bead

  • Tinsel colors make a big difference…experiment

  • When using a smaller hook split one third to a half of the Poly Pro Yarn Shank out and use the remaining two thirds or half

  • Tye in a hotspot

  • Use UV colored UV Resin. (The orange bug above has UV Orange Loon Paint on it as the first base coat)


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