RainBow Knows..."Adapt and Overcome"

See Tips and Tactics Below

Using the sink tip and a size 10 claret bugger leech with no weight I was able to keep my line tight throughout the day, where others were done by lunch.  Adaptation and small strips were the tips and tactics required in this scenario.  Another beautiful day on stillwater wading in the shallows while sight fishing to trolling hawgs. Seeing them sip dry flies is fun but feeling them slam a small streamer, putting an electric shock into your arm that runs up you spine, signaling your brain that the tug is on...that's one of the best medicines!
On this day it was chironomids and small dries throughout the morning and early afternoon...then it shut off.  When in doubt one of my favorite patterns for still water is a claret bugger leech. This is especially true when the day starts to warm up. An absolutely deadly pattern on lakes and ponds! Wouldn't you know it wasn't more than 2 casts before this guy slammed and jammed!

Tips and Tactics: Don't get rigor mortise with your tactical approach!  When your success rate changes for the negative, observe your situation and make a change.  You often hear the U.S. Marine Corp mantra, "Adapt and Overcome" and this is what we are talking about. Dynamic anglers are often busy catching fish all day.  It can be as little as changing weight to as broad as changing your presentation type.  The propensity of success goes up with your ability to recognize a course-correct.
Next step is landing the fish!  Don't go into the Orvis pose. Instead, keep your rod low and at an angle then turn the fishes head.  This will tire the fish much faster and will keep them in the water where they have a lower tendency to thrash and dislodge your hook set.
Tactical approach and recognizing a change in environment is critical.  "Adapt and Overcome!"

Keep your line tight!

Photographed by Dave Engen
Authored by Christian Bacasa