Rachel Dees in Paradise

See Tips and Tactics Below

Slipping away for a bright and sunny day in Utah small river paradise always leads to satisfaction. Rachel Dees practices her most delicate dry fly presentations on gin clear glassy water.  Picking up a heap of spectacularly colored cutthroat trout proved she was using the methods.  Throughout the day we fished dries and dry droppers with excellent success.  It was as if we were fishing some secret river in Montana or Idaho, we had so much success.  Sometimes you can feel the serendipity in every breath of fresh air.
You can't ask for much more of a stunning view!  Beautiful sandstone cliffs, crystal clear water, rising fish and tight lines.  Feeling the tug throughout the day spending time with fishing buddies is about as good as it gets.

Tips and Tactics:  Notice her lowered stance, squared shoulders for accurate casting, and lowered brim to hold off the direct sunlight.  All small but effective tactics for success.  Rachel also employed gentle presentations with stack casts and bounce back casts that add additional slack to the casting presentation.  This is critical for gaining a longer sustained drag free drift.  Especially in small creeks where up and across or down and across casting can be difficult with overhanging growth and skittish fish.

Keep your line tight!

Photographed & Authored by Christian Bacasa