Cape Cod Stripers

Fly fishing for striped bass should be a bucket list item for any angler. Right down the cape from Boston lies Plymouth bay and Seven Stripes Charters. Captain Bill Mitchell put us on the fish quick, moving around to capitalize on different bites throughout the tide cycles. Nothing better than a beautiful summer day on the bay stripping streamers!

To book a trip with 7 Stripes go to

Or call (774)-454-3540

We also highly recommend that you check out their podcast at

Dedicated to putting people in touch with fish and having fun on the water.

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Fishing and Fly Tying: I Told You So Stone

The I Told You So Golden Stone is a nymph pattern that attracts fish. Stoneflies are a predominant food source in so many rivers, so this pattern has become a go-to for prospecting. Many fish have been fooled by the I Told You So Golden Stone in many places. Recently I had great success on back to back July trips to Pennsylvania and Montana where the takes were soft and subtle.

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Fly Tying: Bloody Sowbug Pattern

Want an effective fly pattern to catch big fish in tailwaters? Learn how to tie the Bloody Sow Bug and rig it in a euro nymphing leader with Christian Bacasa of Dupe a Fish. Brown trout, rainbow trout and many other species love this staple food item. Get the inside look.

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Fly Tying the Blue Beretta Euro Nymph Pattern

Highlighting the Blue Berretta, a pattern that has become one of my favorites. You will not only be able to read about it but I’ve gone ahead and added a complete fly tying video tutorial to our YouTube channel @dupeafish. This fly is more than a confidence fly.

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Video: Monster Brown Trout on the White River in Arkansas

Arkansas's White River is gaining popularity with anglers around the globe and for a good reason. Steve Dally has drawn a significant amount of recent attention as his passion for targeting big trout with streamers is producing hookups with absolute monster trout.

Watch a group of Dupe a Fish anglers spend a few days tying flies and catching brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout.

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Dedicated to putting people in touch with fish and having fun on the water.

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