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Dupe a Fish



DUPE a Fish is dedicated to putting people in touch with fish & having fun on the water. With over 300 years of accumulated know-how between our team of Ambassadors, we can provide the sage advice and experience to accelerate your on the water experience in a multitude of angling categories.
We share all our secrets with a "Angler’s open door" mentality!

Book a trip now , hire us to build media and push it across our extensive network, purchase a product, or live vicariously through our gallery, blog, and videos





1. deceive; trick.

"the newspaper was duped into publishing an untrue story"

synonyms:   deceive, trick, hoodwink, hoax, swindle, defraud, cheat, double-cross;


1. a victim of deception.

"knowing accomplices or unknowing dupes"

synonyms: victim, gull, pawn, puppet, instrument; fool, innocent; informal sucker, chump, stooge, sitting duck, fall guy, pigeon, patsy, sap

"an innocent dupe in her game"


Brothers from other Mothers, Christian Bacasa and Todd Jurgensen, met on an annual fishing trip between friends.  Instantly they saw the addiction and passion for fishing that they both contained. With tons of ideas and a true passion they decided it was time to chase the rabbit down the hole and start something worth sharing.

Good gear, good media, and quality information from honest guys was the first step...

Next was spreading the word through like minded addicts...check out our DUPE Ambassadors!

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